Moto Republik





Moto Republik is the first creative hub in Zimbabwe. Moto was created to respond to the need for space where young people could meet, collaborate and come up with big ideas to transform Zimbabwe.


Moto Rush  – USD5

Get a hot desk & internet access, when you have to send a quick email, or need to work on some designs. This is best for those days when you have a power cut or your home wifi is not working well.

Moto Casual –  USD10

Get a hot desk & internet access on any day once per week. This membership is especially suited for the creative who is just starting out.

Moto Creative –  USD20

Get hot desk & internet access any two days per week. This package is ideal because of its flexibility and also allows you to use our meeting and workshop rooms.

Moto Native Lite –  USD50

Get hot desk & internet access all day for three days a week every week for a month. This also gets you access to meeting and workshop rooms and provides a special discount for venue hire!

Moto Native – USD75

Get hot desk & internet access all day & every day. This also gets you access to workshop and meeting areas, all Moto events and also allows you discounted venue hire rates of you need to hire our space.


We aim to be the change we believe in by encouraging a community that wants to be participatory in the events that shape our national culture. We foster a space for groundbreaking, new alternative media by promoting an economy that puts people over profit and by embodying a society that is sustainable and green.

Creative South is a network of some of Africa’s most innovative creative hubs. The network was cofounded and hosted by Moto Republik. 

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Women’s Creative Entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe ResiliArt Accelerator

The ResiliArt Accelerator is an exciting new project hosted by Moto Republik in partnership with UNESCO and the Embassy of Japan. The project will train 5 women creatives from all over Zimbabwe over a 6 month period in the necessary soft skills to develop their creative hustles.

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A weekly Twitter chat with local creatives, activists and creative-preneurs on how the creative industry works. Friday Chats unlock the secrets that successful creatives and activists have used to influence change in their own perspectives

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A women’s rapper residency that trains rappers from all over the nation on the creative business and creates an opportunity for the rappers to perform on a collaborative project.

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Safe2Speak is an initiative that Moto Republik uses to create a safe space for ALL marginalised communities in Zimbabwe and the region. The initiative has allowed the hub to become a second home to the LGBTQAI+ community, mental health awareness groups and women without the fear of being judged or victimised.

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Our events are an integral part of the Moto Republik experience. They are a chance for you to learn, speak, network, get inspired and get reinvigorated for the challenging road ahead.

Hustlers Market is a monthly creative, youth centred event that provides young people the opportunity to meet, network, collaborate and share their work with a new audience. It’s a place where musicians, small businesses, craft makers, designers get to showcase their hustle!

Climate Friday is a monthly creative experience where climate conscious documentary makers, poets, musicians, craft makers come together to share information on how to create greener cities. The event is an effort to get more young people aware of climate issues using music, poetry and visual art.

Punchline Wednesdays is the best way to get through your hump day blues. Every last Wednesday of the month Moto Republik brings you the funniest young comedians to help you get over your weekly blues.

The project will train 5 women creatives from all over Zimbabwe over a 6 month period in the necessary soft skills to develop their creative hustles.

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Venue Hire

Are you looking for a space to host a workshop, concert, book launch or exhibition? Then Moto Republik is your space. In a month we host different events for CSOs, individuals and creatives. Bring your ideal event to life with Moto Republik.

The Foyer  –  USD150

Suitable for intimate events, Inclusive of PA system and chairs

The Marechera Room –  USD100

Suitable for workshops and exhibitions, inclusive of PA system and chairs

The Moto Courtyard –  USD200

Suitable for concerts, launches, cocktails etc, can host 200+ people inclusive of PA system and chairs

The Dome –  USD250

Suitable for outdoor workshops, trainings, concerts. Can seat 100+ people and comes inclusive of PA system and chairs